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◆ Litigation & Arbitration Department

We focus on taking important cases with huge amount and have represented hundreds of large-scale companies. Recent years we represented our clients in hundreds of cases, half of them involved the state-owned commercial banks and AMCs, and therefore our lawyers were trained experienced with financial business. 2004 – 2005, more than 20 cases we represented are those involving amount higher than RMB 100 million.
      In the area of litigation, we have advantage compared with other law firms. It is because that our cases are always big and complex; our lawyers are able and experienced; we keep good relation with the financial institutions; and our consultants have good working relationship with governments.
      Our services in litigation include without limitation: legal opinion, design of court strategy; consulting with relevant departments; investigation of credit, obligations and assets; on trial argument; design of enforcement.


◆ Real Estate Department

      Our office is one of the earliest law firm offering real estate legal services. With the beginning of Wantong New Century Plaza project In May 1993, we have kept providing legal services in real estate development projects for many years and have accumulates rich experience in real estate legal services.
      In mortgage loan, based on the long-term and good relationship with Bank of Construction, Bank of China, Bank of Agriculture, Everbright Bank, Bank of communication, and so on, we have provided related services in more than 300 development projects in Beijing.
      In recent years, we also helped our clients in enforcement involving real estates. Recently, we accepted banks or AMC cases in enforcement involving real estates. For example, Huarong AMC’s Intercontinental Plaza and Olympics Hotel for Bank of China.
      The real estate department of our office not only provides legal service in development, construction, selling and other phases of real estate projects, but also acts as the legal consultant for the real estate developers.


◆ Corporation & Securities Department

      Our office is one of the first law firms qualified to give legal service in securities. In 2000, we were awarded qualification for overseas listing. To date we have conducted a lot of projects in listing, M & A, debt restructuring. We helped more than 120 companies in this area. The projects include: Huarong transfer of Beijing Beiguang Electricity shares; Guangdong Yuetai Group acquisition of Donghua Industry; Hong Kong Huaya acquisition of Beijing Xidan Huabei Business Building; CR acquisition of Yingji.
      Our office is also one of the first law firms to give legal service in bond issuance. We served Tianfa and Unicom with their bond issuance.
      In respect of corporation & securities field, our office can provide legal service in corporate restructuring, asset restructuring, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, company listing, fund management, investment, MBO, and so on.


◆ Financial Department

      This department serves financial institution, such as banks, insurance companies, AMC, financial companies, trust companies lease companies.
      We serve financial institutions in every area, including but not limited to:
      1.Long-term legal counselor of financial institutions
      We used to be legal advisors to People’s bank, Industry and Commerce Bank, Bank of China, Agriculture Bank, Bank of Communication, Development Bank, PICC Beijing, China Life, china Lease, PICC trust company. We keep serving AMCs, foreign banks.
      2.legal service of Pre-loan examination
      We do DD investigation for financial institutions before they advance loans. We research the status, credit, linked transaction, risks, industry, and security of the borrowers. 1993 – 1995, we did all the business in such field for Bank of China with trade companies.
      We have long history for serving China Development Bank and Bank of China for their loans. We investigated more than 60 borrowers for Development Bank in pre-loan examinations. Some cases got top rank in their road-shows. In the following two years we offered legal services to Development Bank in ways of legal opinions and seminars, and by so doing we got precious experience. In doing the business, we answered the following questions: governmental departments as borrowers; toll road rights as collateral; governmental security; loan transfer and purchase back; mining rights as collaterals; corporations’ security for shareholders; fiscal subsidy; local governments as borrowers; account under security; and so on.
      3.Arbitration & litigation on behalf of financial institutions
      We won a lot of cases for our financial clients. We got for Bank of China satisfactory result in a dispute between the bank and Zhongguancun Technology involving RMB 900 million. We got satisfactory results in litigation and enforcements for Huarong AMC.
      In a very complicated case China Development Bank vs. Shenyang High-voltage Switch, we used everything we know and we have, and won the first step involving jurisdiction and addition of defendants.
      4. Debt Restructuring
      We helped our clients, such as Bank of China, Bank of Communication, Bank of Construction, Huaxia Bank, Beijing Commercial Bank, some trust companies, and AMCs, in their clearance of debts and disposal of collaterals. In some big debt restructuring projects, we helped Dongfeng Auto company, China Qisha Group, and so on.
      In a complicated arbitration case Huarong vs. Beijing Electricity Holding, Huarong got awarded cashes RMB 300 million with our help, otherwise it would have got capital shares which were worth nothing.
      In a case Bank of Communication Guangdong Branch with Guangdong government involving RMB 280 million, we asked for high level officials and won the case.
      5. Mortgage
      We are leader in Beijing legal service market in such area. We keep good relation with the top 4 state owned banks and some other banks such as Minsheng Banking Corporation.
      6. Syndicate Loaning
      The main scope of services in Syndicate loaning that our Office can provide includes the following:
       (1)Design of Transaction; legal feasibility study;
       (2)Legal research of complicated issues during the process of Syndicate loaning;.
       (3)Business negotiation and drafting, reviewing and revising of documentations;
       (4)Prepare legal opinions if necessary;
       (5)Due Diligence investigations of assets or debts.
      We have gained ample experiences in whole-course service in several syndicate loan projects, such as Syndicate loan for Hilton Hotel provided by Bank of China ,Charter Bank with Holland Commercial Bank, Syndicate loan for China Non-ferrous metal Import & Export Corporation leaded by Japanese bank.
      7. Bank cards
      We took part in the establishment of China Bank Card Corporation, which gives a platform for sharing of different issuers of cards.
      We have outstanding professionals in this field of legal service and we have gained abundance practicing experiences by preparing scheme for Xinda AMC and participating the securitization of China’s Development Bank in the name of professional counselor.
      The main scope of services in Securitization field that our Office can provide includes the following:
       (1)Design of Transaction; legal feasibility study;
       (2)Legal research of complicated issues during the Securitization;.
       (3)Business negotiation and drafting, reviewing and revising of documentations;
       (4)Prepare legal opinions if necessary;
       (5)Due Diligence investigations of assets or debts.
       (6)with a view to the conjunction of the Project Financing, Syndicated Loans and Securitization, our Office used to recommend and provide consolidated services.
      9.Project financing
      Project financing is a method of financing with limited recourse (or even without recourse) based on the surety of the assets, estimated income or rights of specified project, which has many differences with the common commercial loans.
      We have provide relevant legal services in this field in several projects, for instance, project of Yong’an resources integrated utilized Plant in Fujian Province, reconstruction project of Sun Temple and project of Rizhao Plant in Shandong Province.
      The main scope of services in project financing field that our Office can provide includes the following:
       (1)Design of Transaction; legal feasibility study;
       (2)Legal research of complicated issues during the project financing;.
       (3)Business negotiation and drafting, reviewing and revising of documentations;
       (4)Prepare legal opinions if necessary;
       (5)Due Diligence investigations of assets or debts.
      10. Remarks from clients
      We get high remarks from our clients, such as Bank of China, ICBC, China Bank of communication and their branches on our services in litigations, executions and other business. We used to get the highest remark from Bank of China after 1996, and other banks and AMC and other non-bank financial institutions are also satisfied with the work of our Office.
      In 2002, we got confirmation from OCC and qualified as the first and only Chinese law firm to do legal business for American banks in china.


◆ Bidding and Tendering

      Our lawyers took part in some big bidding and tendering projects, such as National Theatres and Capital Airport extension, and have gained ample experiences in this field. Five of our also have the qualification certificate for bidding and tendering.


◆ International business Department

      We help international clients in investment, trade, IP, arbitration, financial, insurance, M & A, anti-dumping. We also keep good connection with some foreign notable law firms and accounting firms. We have acted as an agent in international arbitrations for many foreign corporations, and have recommended many projects in industry, finance, communication and infrastructure to foreign investors.


◆ Special Assets Department

This department of our Office are focusing on the special assets as follows:
      ● NPA (e.g. real estate, equity) of financial institutions such as bank, AMC, trust company, insurance company, lease company and securities company, etc.
      ● Assets from privatization process of the large-scale state-owned enterprises with investment value.
      ● over indebted enterprises, for instance, the enterprises with temporary financial crisis but investment value ;
      ● rapidly Growing Enterprises in need of funds with investment value.
      The clients of this departments are investors with investing interest and plenteous funds, which include but not limited to:
      ● privately owned or non state-owned enterprises;
      ● large-scale state-owned enterprises and finance companies, investment companies and listing companies;
      ● assets owned by Chinese outside China;
      ● large-scale and world-wide famous investment institutions outside China.
      Main scope of this department’s services:
      1.Due Diligence on bank NPA and assets of enterprises
      Upon the entrustment of investors, this department of our Office will do due diligence on bank NPA and assets of enterprises which the investors are interested in.
      In this area, we have completed and are investigating six of all the 13 packages from Xinda Assets Management Company for the following clients:
      ● for Goldman Sachs: Xinda Qingdao project in 2005.
      ● for Avenue Capital Group: Xinda projects in Beijing, Shenzhen, Fujian, Shanghai.
      ● For Guotai Jun’an: Chongqing assets package.
      ● For Baoyuan Hengxin: Bank of China Hainan project.
      ● for Henderson (Hong Kong): Changsha and Wuhan assets portfolios.
      ● For China Non-ferrous metal Industry Association: as to NFM Financial Company’s assets.
      2. Disposal of NPA and enterprises assets
      Our advantages in disposal of bank NPA and enterprises assets are as following:
      ● We have advantages in litigation, arbitration and enforcement. We did a lot of huge amount cases, and our lawyers developed good relationship with courts, enforcement branches and arbitration tribunals. Some of our members worked for a long time in judicial departments, and developed relations with such departments.
      ● We are experienced in financial legal services, and keep good business relationship with financial institutions. We know about the process of their business, and this is good to our service in relevant area.
      ● We have good association with other intermediary institutions such as accounting firms, auction firms and evaluating firms.
      ● We developed a lot of middle scale investors, and they are interested in disposal of NPA.
      ● Our lawyers are experienced in M & A, investment, assets restructuring, securities relevant to NPA business.
      ● We have very good relationship with departments under central government, and departments of important district governments.
      We worked for clearance and disposal of financial NPAs in following projects:
      ● Zhongbao Trust & Investment Company, RMB 4.1 billion.
      ● China Huayang Lease Limited Company, RMB 6.4 billion.
      ● NFM Financial company, RMB 2.3 billion.
      ● China Kangfu Lease company, RMB 1.1 billion.
      ● Jixin AMC, RMB 230 million.
      ● Sanjiu Group, RMB 10 billion.
      ● Guotai Jun’an investment & management company, RMB 6.5 billion.
      3. Recommending projects
      We are also interested and able to introduce valuable projects and business to potential investors.
      Our ample experiences in performing different financial services make us very familiar with the location and inside process and information of NPAs. This advantage help us in recommending to potential investors of NPA projects.
      There are also a number of investment project resources other than NPA, such as real estates, problematic capital shares, assets, and so on.


Our goal is always to offer quality legal services, which will be conducted by proper professionals.
Clients are always our most important consideration.



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